Wednesday, February 08, 2006

As An Ex-Employee

After nearly a year being away from that place, I feel I can finally give you guys some advice on the world of MySpace. I was there at it's birth because my coworkers made us all sign up as a Company Brainwashing Event (TM). One of many, but the temptation was that if we signed up the most people to MySpace we'd win $500.

As one of the underpaid worker bees, I, of course, jumped at that chance.

Little did I know, there would be MySpace executives fixing the ballots (as usually happened at these contests) & unless you were four foot two, weighed fifty pounds wet, and wore clothes at work that only Frederick's of Hollywood would be proud of -- in addition to having fake sweater kittens -- you weren't going to win even if you were the geekiest geek with all your little hacker friends.

I suppose I sound bitter and antagonistic. That may be true, but I still spend a daily visit to my MySpace drug, like so many addicts without an anonymous group.


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