Sunday, February 26, 2006

Black.White. on FX

So this new show on FX is airing soon. And myspace has their profile all setup. (Due to the fact that it airs on FX and FX is a part of the Fox Family -- so is myspace.) I looked at the previews and watched the commercials a dozen times.

The idea is based on race relations. You have two families (one african american and one caucasion) who literally switch races for the course of some six weeks. And then they go back to the same house at the end of the day and talk about their experiences in the other people's shoes.

I think the premise is an interesting idea. To show what conflicts there still are, but even moreso, how we each foster racism against ourselves by walking into a situation and "expecting" it. I find that often I get pretty much what I expect when I walk into different situations.

I think racism is absolutely ridiculous. You can't really judge something based solely on race. I have madd reasons to believe that social status hugely impacts the way we act much more than just the color of our skin. (Also, dark fellers, remember that when people talk about black and white, they do use black first in the phrase.)

That show looks pretty impressive. Also, there is another one where you can go undercover as the opposite sex or something and find out what your friends, family, and significant other REALLY thinks about you.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Top Eight

Are you guys having a tough time with your top eight? I see that some people have altered theirs and have a top 16. I would love some advice on that. I have a few friends who are getting bitter about being in my top eight and I can't remove my mother. Obviously, she'll get mad.

Am I the only one with top eight problems?

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Survival of Valentine's Day

We've all been posting comments with "Be Mine" and "I love you" or "What Kind of Conversation Heart Are You" (quizilla) and somehow we got through another year of disappointments, surprises and realizing that Hallmark just made a slaying.

I watched that show with Paula Abdul and Dr. Phil. You know "heartthrob" Rob is on MySpace right? (Who isn't?) I checked out his profile. Dude, who's buying his "I want to settle down" act?

Let's take a vote. I'll start -- I vote umm.. FAKER.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

As An Ex-Employee

After nearly a year being away from that place, I feel I can finally give you guys some advice on the world of MySpace. I was there at it's birth because my coworkers made us all sign up as a Company Brainwashing Event (TM). One of many, but the temptation was that if we signed up the most people to MySpace we'd win $500.

As one of the underpaid worker bees, I, of course, jumped at that chance.

Little did I know, there would be MySpace executives fixing the ballots (as usually happened at these contests) & unless you were four foot two, weighed fifty pounds wet, and wore clothes at work that only Frederick's of Hollywood would be proud of -- in addition to having fake sweater kittens -- you weren't going to win even if you were the geekiest geek with all your little hacker friends.

I suppose I sound bitter and antagonistic. That may be true, but I still spend a daily visit to my MySpace drug, like so many addicts without an anonymous group.